Will Astros’ Fans Support for Craig Biggio Help Jeff Bagwell?


Craig Biggio is one of the best players to ever play with the Houston Astros and now he s the first Astros player to inducted into the Hall of Fame wearing the star on his hat. The fact that Biggio was selected to the Hall of Fame brought a new crowd to Cooperstown, one that has not been seen at too many induction ceremonies before. There were a lot of Astros rainbow jerseys, black & white jerseys, brick red jerseys, or pinstriped jerseys with the number seven and the name B-I-G-G-I-O on the back.

Did the national media covering the induction ceremony take notice on how many Astros fans showed up to see their baseball legend finally get his dues? Let’s take a look at some Tweets from various people throughout the day.

Peter Gammons

Anne Gile Delaney

Harold Reynolds

With the large support and attendance from Astros fans at the induction ceremony, you have to wonder if this impresses some of the baseball writers who did not vote for another Astro. To see how dedicated Astros fans were to stop their world to spend thousands of dollars to go to Cooperstown, New York, will maybe open the eyes of the Jeff Bagwell haters out there. A cloud of suspicion hangs over Bagwell’s head, but he is still one of the best first basemen in history and the Astros organization. With the struggles at first base in 2015, you appreciate a guy like Bagwell more.

Even Astros bloggers were able to attend.

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Being a teacher and blogger, money is always on my mind. As much as I liked B-G-O, he isn’t my favorite Astro of all-time, that is Bagwell. Bagwell was the guy who had the unusual stance, the power swing, and the surprising speed. My goal is to start saving up for a Bagwell induction ceremony trip in 2016 or 2017 hopefully. Maybe now that people have heard Biggio’s speech and his emotional plea for Bagwell to join him in Cooperstown soon, that the whole suspicion of Bagwell using PED’s will not matter much.

The biggest national media supporter that I have seen is Keith Law, here are a few Tweets summarizing his feelings on Bagwell and the Hall of Fame voting process.

Asking writers to come out and say why they have not voted for Bagwell?

Predicting next year’s class.

Remember that Bagwell…

The comparisons of Bagwell and Frank Thomas have always been made with similar stats and age. Thomas, though much bigger and stronger than Bagwell, has already been inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, Bagwell is still waiting for his moment after five years on the ballot.

Maybe the writers will now realize how much Biggio and Bagwell meant to Houston fans with the support that Biggio received over the weekend. However, when the ballots once again go out, will the suspicion continue to diminish Bagwell’s chances if getting to the Hall?

Over the next year or so, Climbing Tal’s Hill will cover the 2016 Hall of Fame class as it forms, hopefully Biggio is in the crowd next year cheering on Biggio. The induction of Biggio represents a big step in how the Houston Astros are viewed nationally, as well as winning the 2015 World Series would too.

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