Houston Astros News: L.J. Hoes Optioned to get Kazmir on Roster


During Thursday night’s broadcast, I asked what would happen to get Scott Kazmir on the 25-man roster? Most fans on Twitter said that Jon Singleton would be sent down, and others said that Roberto Hernandez would get the pink slip. No one suspected that the Astros would demote L.J. Hoes back to Triple-A, because it would leave the Astros with only three outfielders. But Friday afternoon, Chandler Rome of MLB.com Tweeted the following.

That probably took Astros fans by surprise, but the Astros now have 13 pitchers on the team with 12 hitters, which only three of them are pure outfielders. I can hear you screaming at the screen, what about Evan Gattis? Yes, we will see El Oso Blanco out roaming in left field occasionally. Don’t forget that Chris Carter can play some outfield as well.

How long will the Astros carry six infielders and three outfielders? You might see this for a while until they decide what to do with Vincent Velasquez or Roberto Hernandez. With Jon Singleton on the roster, it hinders the Astros ability to carry four outfielders. By carrying thirteen pitchers, it also prevents having an extra outfielder on the 25-man roster. Let’s call it the Singleton Effect because the Astros are trying to market him for a potential trade.

However, pretty soon Jed Lowrie will be ready to come back to the Astros, so Singleton’s or Carter’s days may be limited. Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, Luis Valbuena, and Marwin Gonzalez all appear to be safe for now. The plan could be that Lowrie comes and plays a little third base, and Valbuena could take some reps at first base with either Carter or Singleton. This team has plenty of decisions to make within the next seven days that could further complicate matters.

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The Astros appear to be stalling on deciding what to do with the pitching staff and lineup, but Domingo Santana should be on this team right now until George Springer is ready to return September 1. With the beefed up starting rotation, I don’t think the Astros need that many bullpen pitchers. With the current 25-man roster, Gattis will most likely be playing left field 2-3 times a week. While Jake Marisnick is an elite defender, can he hit enough to maintain an everyday role?

The presence of Gattis allow for the Astros to have the flexibility only to keep three outfielders on the team, but I don’t see the Astros carrying the extra pitcher for too long. I’m excited to watch Scott Kazmir pitch tonight; it marks a significant step for the Houston Astros organization.

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