Alex Bregman Leads the Next Wave of Houston Astros

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Alex Bregman Leads the Next Wave of Houston Astros

Alex Bregman

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For the first half of this decade, the MLB Amateur Draft has been the glimmer of hope in every Houston Astros fans’ tired eyes.

“This guy will be our ace, pitching game one in the 2017 World Series,” we said. “Oh, this kid is going to be special in four years, the next A-Rod, just wait.”

It’s the kind of talk that keeps you sane when your team is losing 100+ games every year and are the butt of every baseball fan’s joke. The draft was at least an opportunity to see the fruits of our suffering come to life.

This year, though, the draft was different. There was an excitement, of course, about the possibilities in play for the Astros with three first-round picks. In 2015, though, for the first time in so long, the Astros were in first place at the time of the draft.

The kid that probably wasn’t supposed to arrive until 2016 was playing like a grown man in his prime and debuting with the Astros on the same day of the draft. This year, it felt like the Astros were the rich getting richer.

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And for that reason, we didn’t all jump for joy when the Astros selected Alex Bregman with their first selection the way we may have only a year or two ago. If anything, there were rumblings of skepticism — why take a shortstop when Carlos Correa looks like a guy that won’t leave that spot in the next decade?

The answer, in its simplest form, is that a team should take the most talented player available, regardless of what the major-league club needs at the moment. That is why the Astros decided to go with Bregman.

As the second overall pick in the 2015 MLB Draft, Alex Bregman will soon jump to the top of the Astros’ prospect list, but is he the next mega prospect for the Houston Astros?

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