Carlos Correa Should be on the 2015 All-Star Team


The title says exactly what I mean; it’s a bold statement for a 20-year-old player with only 23 games under his belt. Carlos Correa plays like a veteran while other rookies hit a wall and struggle a little. Correa has given the Houston Astros something that they haven’t had since Dickie Thon, a star shortstop. With George Springer going on the DL for six to eight weeks, Correa and Jose Altuve have to pick up some of the slack. Correa has demonstrated that he’s ready to carry a bigger role with this team, and would be a great option as a reserve shortstop on the AL American League roster.

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Unless there was a massive push to unseat Alcides Escobar from being the AL starter at shortstop, he would be the starter. Who will be the backup shortstop? They will probably be one of the following players; Xander Bogaerts, Jose Iglesias, and Carlos Correa. Ken Rosenthal even wrote about Correa in his article All-Star picks: Many were called, many were chosen. In the article, Rosenthal said. “Correa did not make his major-league debut until June 8. He has only 94 career at-bats. No matter, he already is the best shortstop in the American League.”

“Correa did not make his major-league debut until June 8. He has only 94 career at-bats. No matter, he already is the best shortstop in the American League.”-Ken Rosenthal.

So is Carlos Correa really the best shortstop in the American League right now? Let’s take a look at the top shortstops stats from FanGraphs.

Looking at the other shortstops in the American League, what jumps out to you? What jumps out to me are high average hitters with a good on-base percentage, but a low slugging percentage. It is not really fair to compare Correa to the other three players because the have played three times as many games as he has. In that short time, he has shown the ability to steal bases and hit for average and power. To get a better idea of what stats Correa could have had, I projected his stats if he played the entire 82 Astros schedule so far.

The projections are jaw dropping and show a player who could be better than Troy Tulowitzki, Ian Desmond, and Jose Reyes. He would have been projected to hit 21 home runs and 32 doubles in half of a season, which means he could have easily hit 30 plus homers in a full season this year. The Astros wanted to wait until after the “Super 2” deadline to call him up to the majors, and he is quickly becoming the talk of the MLB baseball.

Correa could almost be considered the best shortstop in baseball with the down season from Tulowitzki and Desmond in 2015. Correa did everything he could do in the 12-8 win in the opening game of the Red Sox series, hitting 3-6/ two runs/ one home run/ 2 RBI. He hit a go-ahead home run in the eighth and drove in the go-ahead run in the tenth inning. He did make his first error if the season in last night’s game, but made up for it with the clutch hitting. Read more from last night’s win versus the Red Sox.

Carlos Correa, Astros remain strong in Boston with 12-8 win

Will Ned Yost actually have the guts to select Correa to the All-Star game, after only 23 games? That is yet to be seen, but unlike the other shortstop options for the All-Star team, he is a once in a lifetime type of player. Correa will probably be selected to the next 11-12 All-Star rosters as the starter, but it would be a cool to see him play in Cincinnati this year.

If Yost wants to win the All-Star game and home field advantage, he should select the best players as the backup players. Springer might have had a chance to make the All-Star team, but his injury put that idea away. Hopefully, the Houston Astros are not solely represented by Dallas Keuchel, but if you could only have one Astros hitter make the All-Star game, would you rather it be Jose Altuve or Carlos Correa?

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