George Springer Exits with Wrist Contusion in Astros Win


Recap of Injury & Quotes

Wednesday night’s 6-5 win over the Kansas City Royals was a great night for Astros fans in every aspect except for the fact that George Springer was forced to exit the game after getting plunked on his right wrist by a 95 MPH fastball thrown by Edinson Volquez. Springer actually stayed in and played center field for the top of the 6th inning, and although he was noticeably pleading for manager AJ Hinch to keep him in the game afterwards, Hinch said no can do and yanked him before his next at-bat.

“I’m not optimistic he’s going to avoid the DL”- A.J. Hinch on George Springer

After the game, during the press conference (viewed on, Hinch stated that Springer was diagnosed with a right wrist contusion and the early signs for recovery aren’t very good. In baseball, it’s never good when there’s any injury to the wrist/hand area. Unfortunately, this contusion doesn’t look like it’ll avoid that trend. Astros manager A.J. Hinch said of Springer, “I’m not optimistic he’s going to avoid the DL.” Hinch went on to describe the in-game situation, saying, “[The wrist] didn’t feel very good and then as the game got going he went out to the outfield. He had a little bit of mobility and then it just got really stiff and really swelled up. So, he wasn’t going to hit. When his time came back through the order, I hit for him with [Domingo] Santana.”

As far as Springer’s general outlook at this point, Hinch said, “We sent him for tests…We’re going to continue to get more and more tests with some specialists. It was painful for him, there was some swelling. So, it’s in a tricky area…I do think it’s going to be a DL.”

Looking Forward

At the end of the game today, the Houston Astros OF was Evan Gattis in left field, Domingo Santana in center, and Preston Tucker in right. This is nowhere near the projected starting outfield that anyone thought the Astros would have at any given point in time. The Astros have been imploring the “Next Man Up” philosophy all season long, and that’s not going to change now. The potential loss of George Springer, which I think will be a move to the 15 Day DL for sure, means that the Astros are losing a lot of production at the top of the lineup.

The off day will help give Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow a little bit more time to make this decision, but I think he’ll decide to call up L.J. Hoes from AAA Fresno. I would love for Tony Kemp to be called up now, but Kemp isn’t on the 40 man roster and needs more experience in the outfield at AAA. Whatever move is made should be temporary, as Jake Marisnick and Colby Rasmus are expected back pretty soon, with Marisnick potentially joining the team this weekend at Fenway Park for the Red Sox series.

Right now is a great time to be an Astros fan, and this injury shouldn’t put a damper on the recent success that this team has had. We should all wish for George to have a quick and full recovery and to get him back in an Astros uniform down the stretch. Stay posted on Climbing Tal’s Hill for more updates on Springer’s status and how A.J. Hinch decides to shape the outfield throughout the weekend.

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