Houston Astros: Why Dallas Keuchel should start the All-Star Game


Coming into 2014 fresh off the heels of yet another season with an ERA over 5, the expectations for Houston’s 26-year-old Dallas Keuchel weren’t too inspiring. In fact, it was hard to find anything inspiring which was associated with the Astros, who were fresh off of a 51-111 season, their 3rd straight season with at least 100 losses.

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With an ERA good for dead last in baseball in 2013, the only future hopeful was Mark Appel. Appel was taken No. 1 overall in 2013, after deciding to return to Stanford for his senior year (although being drafted No. 8 by the Pirates). However, Appel was still a few years away, and Houston needed someone to step up in trying to begin that change in culture that Astros fans were craving.

With Luhnow having restocked the farm, we knew we would be good again.. but when? We needed that one pitcher to solidify the top of the rotation, one who could bring a veteran presence when the prospects did arrive.

That’s when we met the real Dallas Keuchel.

Keuchel began 2014 as Houston’s fifth starter, but man did he turn that around.


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Facing the odds (and often the opponent’s No. 1 starter), Keuchel finished 2014 with a 2.93 ERA and was labeled a finalist to make the All-Star game in the “Final Vote”. His 2.93 ERA was seventh in the American League and greater than two runs better than his previous best which prompted a 19 game improvement that saw the Astros finally end their string of 100 losses. I’m sure that finishing with the best record in the state was nice too.

Keuchel was the American League recipient of the Rawlings Gold Glove, which is awarded to the best fielder at each position. Many of these opportunities came because of his ridiculous groundball to fly ball ratio.


These days, Dallas Keuchel is nearly a household name. Consistently mentioned as one of the top pitchers in baseball, it’s nice to see the 27-year-old finally getting the respect he deserves. Oh and does he deserve it.

After a breakout 2014, he has vastly improved to begin 2015.

Dallas Keuchel’s ranks:

  • IP 100 – 1st in MLB
  • ERA 2.04 – 2nd in AL
  • WHIP .95 – 2nd in AL
  • Average Against .193 – 1st in AL (2nd in MLB)
  • Wins  8- 2nd in MLB

The most impressive feat, however, may be how he has led his team to a 40-28 start and has helped to mentor the young flamethrowers in Velasquez and McCullers.

Keuchel has never made an All-Star team. However, this year should break the trend. He should not just make the team, he should start it.

Not only are his numbers there, but so is his leadership ability (and beard). You know what they say, only real men have beards, and that saying is so relevant now.

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