Astros All-Star Update: Vote for the Infielders

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Third Baseman

Yes, this is the year that Mike Moustakas has finally put things together this year, after years of disappointing fantasy baseball owners. However, Josh Donaldson is off to a great start this season. Moustakas is leading the vote with 2,385,024 votes while Donaldson only has 1,496,065 votes.

As you probably can imagine, Luis Valbuena does not appear in the top five vote getters at third base. Should he get some more votes, let’s compare their stats.

Josh Donaldson statistically should be ranked ahead of Moustakas, but the fans are voting Royals. Josh Donaldson is one of the best players in the game and one of the best defensive third baseman. The OPS alone could justify Donaldson getting the starting nod, much less the 15 homers. Donaldson will be on the All-Star team, because the manager will put him on the team.

The problem is that while the Royals have the best record, and they are a well-rounded team, but if you try to put too many Royals on the team, you take away representatives of other teams. But fans are going to do what they want to do, support their home team.

Astros fans, it’s your turn now, let’s make sure Jose Altuve stays in the top spot. #VoteAstros

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