Houston Astros: Let’s Trade for Starter Recap

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Last week, the writers at CTH got a jump on potential trade partners the Astros could match up with during the 2015 trade deadline. While we offered suggestions, we are not fortune tellers or experts at the art of making a deal, we did our best to look at what a possible number one-three type of pitcher. We I approached the writers on this series, I gave them the option of which player to target, describe how that pitcher will help the Astros.

I also asked that they include a Google Form, which allows us to get quick comments from the readers of their opinion on the trade ideas that we presented. Some people enjoyed the ideas while others called us morons, but it’s part of the job writing about a team that people really are passionate about.

The whole premise of this series was to discuss an area of need for the suddenly good Houston Astros. This need is an addition to the starting rotation. With the Scott Feldman injury, this need could be even more pressing. Will there be a trade? In this post, I will look at each trade offered as well as your opinions on the trade idea. Below is the link for each trade offer made.

Part 1 Let’s Trade with the Oakland Athletics

Part 2 Let’s Trade with the Phillies

Part 3 Let’s Trade with the Reds

Part 4 Let’s Trade with the Reds Part 2

Part 5 Let’s Trade with the Brewers

Part 6 Let’s Trade with the someone with Rasmus

Part 7 Let’s Trade with the White Sox

Part 8 Let’s Make no Trades

Part 9 Let’s Trade with the Phillies (Harang)

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