Dallas Keuchel: An Apology from a Astros Blogger


The Houston Astros undoubtedly have an ace moving forward for the 2015 season. His name, in case you have lived under a rock and are deaf, is Dallas Keuchel. After his second consecutive complete game of the 2015 season, he has furthered his case to be not only a pitcher in the 2015 All-Star Game in Cincinnati. He has continued to be talked as a Cy Young Candidate.

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Unfortunately, I missed most of his shutout on Saturday May 30 against the White Sox. A 3:10 start time was not known until I saw tweets about the game around the fifth inning. When I finally pulled the game on the weather got bad and the satellite service temporarily was lost. After that, I had to proceed to my summer job.

Keuchel finished Saturday with a complete game shutout against the White Sox. In this game, he allowed just four hits, issued zero walks and struck out a career-high 11 batters. A pitch count of 113 was moderately high due to the Astros making two errors. His efforts came directly after a complete-game loss to the Orioles on the road. Through the first third of the season, Dallas sports an AL-best 1.76 ERA as well as leading all the MLB pitchers with 82 1/3 innings pitched.

But tonight I discovered that I have a confession to make. I was wrong in assessing Keuchel prior to the 2014 season. It was early January when I released this article about rotation candidates. The entire body is complete void of Keuchel. In the comments, there were a couple of people who wanted Keuchel in the rotation.

So I apologize to Dallas Keuchel for having no faith in him a little over a year ago. The times have certainly changed, and I am pretty confident that Dallas will be the anchor of the Astros pitching staff for a few more years. It’s been a fun ride, hasn’t it?

Raise your beer glasses or beer cans. Let’s all toast to Dallas Keuchel’s success for the future, but instead of just looking toward the future, let’s also reflect on the past and present. Dallas Keuchel. Astros Staff Ace. American League All-Star Starting Pitcher. American League Cy Young Winner.

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