Astros George Springer Under Concussion Protocol


All Astros nation held their breath in Tuesday’s game versus the Rangers as George Springer made another unbelievable catch in a blowout loss. The first reason fans held their breath was to see if he maintained possession of the ball. The second reason was because their young superstar looked dazed and confused after running into a wall. After they had shown the replay, you can clearly see that the impact with the wall was while Springer had his head down.

At the time of seeing the first replay, I was worried that he would wake up in the morning with bad whiplash from the impact. However, looking at his behavior afterwards made me think it could be a concussion.

When Springer was removed from the game, I tweeted that he was probably just sore. He will be tested in the morning, but according to Evan Drellich, Hinch has already ruled out Springer for tomorrow’s game. So Robbie Grossman will most likely start in right field in Springer’s sted.

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The fact that his vision was not affected could be a good sign that’s it’s not a concussion. However, if Springer does have symptoms of a concussion, he can be placed on the seven-day DL, which would allow the Astros to bring a replacement up. As much as I would love to see

Before the Astros season, during Fan Fest’s Bloggers Roundtable, A.J. Hinch said that Garry Pettis had mentioned that “we need to teach George how to run into walls.” This play does not look Springer has been practicing this ability. Astros fans appreciate his all-out play, but he needs to take care of his body as well.

Hopefully, this is all precautionary action. If not, expect a roster move prior to the game tomorrow.

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