Houston Astros 2016 Spring Strategy: Carlos Correa


Mar 8, 2015; Lakeland, FL, USA; Houston Astros shortstop

Carlos Correa

(76) at bat against the Detroit Tigers at a spring training baseball game at Joker Marchant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the news of Kris Bryant being officially sent down Monday morning, I couldn’t help but wonder if the Astros would have the same approach with Carlos Correa in 2016.

First off, Correa could easily be up in September and it is possible that he could make it up to Houston before that, yet unlikely.  Bryant has no one deserving ahead of him in the organization and has already played at AAA with no signs of struggling.

Lets take a peek at both players’ minor league slash lines thus far in their careers: Bryant- .327/.428/.666 and Correa- .308/.389/.465.  Correa has always been one of the youngest players at each level he has played, so let’s take that into consideration.

Here is the issue that I feel is at hand, Bryant’s spring numbers were .425/.477/1.175 and upon research it appears that he is the only player to lead the Cactus League in Home Runs and not make the opening day roster.  The question remains, Is it worth it to send someone down for 2 weeks who could be your best player immediately just for another year of control?

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The answer for the Cubs is Yes, but if Correa makes it through the season without gracing the Majors with his presence, then we will be looking at the George Springer dilemma all over again.  Part of me wants to believe that the Astros Front Office next year will solely be worried about winning and that Correa will be starting at Shortstop on Opening Day 2016.  The other part of me looks at a Front Office that continually is proving what their approach is with Springer and with Jon Singleton being down until the contract was signed and he was called up.

When it comes to the Cubs vs. Astros I feel like the Astros might be just a little bit closer to winning this year, regardless of what Chicago’s Front Office is saying and the reason is pitching.  Cubs don’t have the pitching to succeed this year and will have to go outside the organization to start being a threat, meanwhile the Astros have a plethora of pitching starting to knock on the door and have them being able to compete better this year than the Cubs.

With that being said, I feel like the Astros will play the game and try to get Correa to sign a deal before they bring him up.  Do you think the same?  Are you hoping that they call him up in September?