Astros in Fantasy: Educator’s Draft Night


My ESPN league manager draft night was last Saturday night. This is a league with mostly friends of mine and the token out-of-town guy from Arizona. Five years ago, we drafted teams where we would keep ten players as keepers from there on out. I now have zero players still on my team from that draft, but I rebuilt my team since them. It has now turned into a twelve team league.

With this being an Astros blog, let’s look at which Astros were picked in our draft last Saturday night.

The Keepers

Jose Altuve

“Altuve is a great young talent that bats for a nice average, gets on-base, and steals a ton of bags every season! He will be an infield fixture for the Astros for years to come!”- Michael V.

George Springer

“I drafted Springer in the seventh round of last years draft. ESPN notifies you when someone in your que is taken, and when I selected Springer, every laptop in my living room dinged. Last year in a shorted season, he showed his potential. He is a potential five-tool stud, who has the energy to get better.”- Eric H.

Chris Carter

“I am hoping that this 28-year old hitter has finally found his confidence with consistency of a long second half streak. During this streak, he hit 23 home runs and a slash line of .290/.346/.662 over the last 54 games.”- Steve M.

Dallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh

“I kept McHugh and Keuchel because they are both young pitchers that I believe have tremendous upside for improvement. Who knows? They may get lucky and be traded to a contending team. Last I heard neither had a hangnail that will sideline them for 2-3 months.” – Bill L.

The Drafted Astros

Evan Gattis (first round/really eleventh round)

“I need home runs, and he will give me good numbers in five of seven categories in our league.” – Will P.

Luke Gregerson (seventh round/ really 17th round)

“He’s been great his whole career,but has really never had an opportunity to close full time from the start of the season. The Astros should give him a fair amount of opportunities with their improving ball club.”- Chris M.

Carlos Correa (13th round/ really 23th round)

“I knew Carlos Correa was doubtful to make his debut till later in the season, so I took him with my second to last pick of the draft to stash. He is a potential stud, who could eventually replace Tulo.” – Eric H.

Mark Appel (15th round/ really 25th round)

“Living in Houston, I try to have a token Astro…I believe that he will have an impact later in the year and I don’t want to risk losing him to the waiver wire.” – Ed S.

Since the draft, I have traded Matt Adams for Chris Carter to join George Springer on my roster. Hopefully the Astros will be relevant in fantasy this year again. Don’t go to sleep on Jon Singleton this year, he could have a drastic influence on the Astros and your fantasy team.

I hope you enjoyed something different for the Astros in Fantasy post for today.

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