Houston Astros’ All-Time Best Seasons: Recap

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2005: Phil Garner

Guiding your organization to the first World Series berth in team history should be enough to get you the All-Time Best nod.

“Scrap Iron,” as Garner was known in his playing days, was in the midst of managing a lame duck Houston ball club that had posted 15-30 start to 2005 after just barely missing the World Series in 2004. Garner rallied his players and the team turned it around to post a 89-73 record to earn a Wild Card berth, and then a World Series appearance.

While the value of a manager will always be debated, fixing/rallying/cajoling a team that was considered dead to the local media and fan base is a noteworthy feat.

What an exciting season that was and we all long for those days to return!

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