The Astros Should Change Uniforms


Aug 2, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; A general view of a Houston Astros hat and glove in the dugout during a game against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t hit the panic button just yet, I don’t mean new logos, colors, or jerseys for the Astros since they just changed them before the 2013 season (although I will admit that I am in the minority and wish they’d go back to red and black.) What I’m talking about is when they wear their current uniforms. The Astros have 3 hats and 3 jerseys (I’m not counting the BP/Spring Training hat and jersey in this, although I absolutely love that overall uniform.)

I would leave the actual jersey days the same, with the white tops still being worn at home except on Fridays, when they wear the orange jerseys. The grey on the road is obvious, and wearing the orange jersey on day games away from Minute Maid is okay too. What I’m talking about are the hats.

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Label me picky, but I feel that the Home hat should be the one the fan base associates with the team the most, and wears the most. And that to me is the current road hat, the navy blue with the orange bill. Everywhere you go, Astros fans are wearing this hat instead of the all-navy blue or the all-orange alternate.

We saw a sample of this potential combination when the team first announced the new uniforms before the 2013 season in some promotional pictures, along with a picture of Jose Veras during the Japan Series this past winter. Veras was wearing the white home jersey with that road hat, and it looked good! The orange bill goes along perfectly with the orange trimming on the jersey and the outlining of the word “Astros” across the chest.

That’s not it though, as the navy blue home hat was worn in the Japan Series with the road uniforms, and that went along perfect as well. The grey uniforms have navy blue trimming, which goes along perfectly with the entire navy blue hat. And with minimal orange on the hat (the star,) it goes well with the only orange on the jersey being the trimming of the word “Astros” across the chest.

You can leave the orange alternate hat with the white jerseys on weekends, and the orange jerseys with the navy blue hat as those go fine together. But this is a change that should happen before the team starts off with their winning ways again. How do you feel about the Astros swapping hats? Should the current road hat become the home hat, and vice versa? Or do you like the current uniforms the way they are?

Sound off in on the comments below, and make sure to check out 60 reasons why you should watch the Astros in 2015.

*Jeff Luhnow, when you read this, you should pass this information onto Reid Ryan*