Deep Astros Thoughts, Volume 1


I think about a lot of things from time to time about the Astros, most of which are fairly random and not comprehensive enough to do a whole column about. So, from time to time as they come to me, I will share those with you and invite you to do the same with me if something really sparks your interest. I have collected enough of these random thoughts so that today is one of those times I need to perform a thought dump.

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  • I’m really happy for all of you that had the Astros Caravan come to your area. Looking at the many pictures on social media, fun times seem to have been had by all. I wish the team would throw a bone up Highway 59 some time and hit the East Texas area. Not all Astros fans in this slice of God’s country have jumped to the Rangers ship. We don’t need anyone too famous – maybe Orbit and…Carlos Correa? They could stay at my house. For free.
  • How badly do you need to drink at the ballpark to pay $8.00 for each beer?
  • I don’t dislike Colby Rasmus, but I wonder if anybody ever considered Ichiro? Less strikeouts, higher average. But he is, like, 25 years older than Rasmus, right? But he was also way cheaper.
  • I think that writers for Climbing Tal’s Hill should actually get to climb Tal’s Hill. We could race.
  • If my local cable provider doesn’t pick up Root Sports in my area before the season begins, I will take my bundle somewhere else. I know Mr. Crane has his money, and I’m very glad he is spending it, but none of it is mine. I’m ready to see some games, yo!
  • If there was a bench-clearing brawl, I’m not sure if I would rather hide behind Chris Carter or Evan Gattis. If I had to pick just one, that is. They are both big, strong guys, but they may be too nice. I would want somebody with a ‘tude, like a younger, broken-bat-pegging Roger Clemens.
  • Words cannot express how excited I was for Craig Biggio getting his call to the Hall of Fame. I always rooted for B-G-O for his performance on the field, and because he seems like a quality human being.  He is one that I would definitely travel to Cooperstown to see inducted, if my wife would let me go. (Don’t even start. I’ve been married 32 years, same woman. I know how it works.)
  • This is the first baseball season in which the Astros have been in the American League that I am really excited about. I think the team has turned a huge corner in quality of personnel, and I want to see what the Hinchmen can do. I predict 85 wins in 2015.
  • Has Bud Selig retired yet?