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After the Evan Gattis trade, the writers at Climbing Tal’s Hill came up with an idea that January 15 will be “Trade Dexter Fowler day.” The writers from CTH will put on their GM hats and propose trades to various teams, offering Dexter Fowler for something the Astros can use to win now. Following the last post of the day, readers will be asked to vote for which idea is the most realistic and helps the Astros.

Below are the links to all the posts as they are released.

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To start this day off in trying to trade Dexter Fowler, I wanted to first state that we like Dexter Fowler as a player. However, with the Astros completing the Evan Gattis deal, we have a logjam of outfielders now with George Springer, Fowler, Evan Gattis, Jake Marisnick, Robbie Grossman, Alex Presley, and L.J. Hoes. Fowler could help the Astros in 2015, but he also could be used to fix a hole in the rotation or at third base.

Trade Dexter Fowler to…Chicago Cubs The Cubs offseason has been pretty memorable so far by landing one of the top free agent pitchers in Jon Lester in December. They have a good young nucleus of players with Starlin Castro, Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, Jorge Soler, with Kris Bryant knocking on Wrigley Field’s ivy-covered door. The future could be bright for the Lovable Losers! What they are lacking however, is a quality center fielder or upgrade in left field over Chris Coghlan. Arismendy Alcantara showed promise in 2014, but wasn’t able to maintain his production. So if the new look Cubs are going to compete in 2015, they need to upgrade this position as Ken Rosenthal suggested below. 

Theo Epstein will probably either be making a call today or receiving a call today from Jeff Luhnow about Dexter Fowler. “Theo, look I traded for this guy Evan Gattis, and I hear you are in the need for an outfielder. I have this guy Dexter Fowler, make me an offer.” Will there be a conversation or a dial tone after that question is asked?

With the Astros and Cubs both trying to become winners again, a trade might be hard to complete because both teams want major league talent. The Astros need help at third base, with Colin Moran not quite ready to open the season with the Astros in 2015. By trading away Michael Foltynewicz (after I learned how to spell his name), a spot also opened in the Astro rotation.

So here is my proposal.

 The Astros trade outfielder Dexter Fowler for RHP C.J. Edwards.

Why would Astros do this trade?

C.J. Edwards is the Cubs #5 prospect, who should be ready to contribute at some point in 2015. He was traded to the Cubs in the Matt Garza deal, and dealt with some injuries last year. Here is a scouting report from MLB.pipeline on Edwards.

“Edwards throws his fastball in the low-to-mid 90s, and it can touch 97 mph. He does a good job of keeping his fastball down in the zone, and he only gave up one home run in 116 1/3 innings in 2013. Edwards’ best offspeed pitch is his 12-to-6 curveball, and his changeup has improved as a professional. Edwards is skinny, and some scouts question his long-term durability as a result. If he can prove that won’t be a problem, his stuff is good enough to make him a front-line starter.”

The Astros just traded away some good pitching prospects in Michael Foltynewicz and Andrew Thurman, so getting Edwards for Fowler will give the Astros an arm to replace them or be used in the bullpen. Edwards is a high-risk and high-reward player. Is he too skinny? People said the same thing about Pedro Martinez when he came into the league.

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Why would Cubs do this trade?

They desperately need an outfielder for 2015, most of their top prospects are 2-3 years away from being ready. If they trade for Fowler, I can see them possibly signing him to offer some veteran leadership. People might point to the work he has done with George Springer with the Astros. Fowler has a good on-base percentage that the strikeout happy Cubs (1st in baseball in 2014) could use.

While the most logical trade would be Fowler for third base Luis Valbuena, the Edwards kid might be better long term.

What are your thoughts of this trade? No it’s not another lose now trade, Edwards is #53 of the top overall 100 prospects. Check back throughout the day for the other trade ideas by Climbing Tal’s Hill’s writers.

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