Jose Altuve and the Face of MLB


It’s finally our turn to have a say in who is the face of the franchise in MLB Network’s Face of MLB competition. Voting started Friday, and runs through late Sunday evening/early Monday morning. We posed the question on Twitter to see who fans thought should be the Astros’ representative, and the results weren’t close. It’s Jose Altuve.

If you’re unfamiliar with the competition, here is a quick rundown. Each team’s fans vote in their representative. That’s the phase we’re in right now. Soon, the bracket-style tournament will begin, and the team’s representatives will go head-to-head, with one matchup per day. The beautiful thing about this tournament is that all of the votes are cast by fans. All we have to do is be active, and creative.

This year, we have a secret weapon: Santa Claus.

As an added bonus, Santa says that voters will be kept off of the naughty list.

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It’s as simple as that. Vote for Jose Altuve, and Santa will bring you presents. So just how do you vote? It’s a Twitter competition, so all votes will be cast on the social media website. Once you’re logged in, just tweet the two hashtags #JoseAltuve and #FaceOfMLB (#FaceOfAstros for this weekend, while we decide who the face of the franchise is).  That’s one vote. Each account gets 25. As Oakland A’s fans displayed last year, being creative can help you to get retweets, which also count as votes. Here is a quick one we whipped together for today.

If you have some good meme ideas, send them our way and we’ll do our best to accommodate! Also, while you’re voting over the weekend, if you tag us in your votes, we’ll retweet them as well.  Yes, this is a silly competition, but it’s something to pass the time until spring training is underway. Remember, #JoseAltuve #FaceOfMLB.