George Springer: What Can We Expect in a Full Season?


George Springer came up last season and delivered upon the promise that he showed in the minors, which brought glee to the fans of Houston. Unfortunately, he played in only 78 games, so we only caught a glimpse of his potential. Heading into 2015, all eyes will be on Springer to continue to deliver as the Astros make the push to .500.

In 2014, Springer ended up with a .231 batting average, while blasting 20 dingers and driving in 51, while getting on base at a .336 clip. The power numbers are there, but his strikeout rate of 38.6 percent fell right in between Chris Carter‘s 35.9 percent mark, and Jon Singleton‘s 43.2. At this point, we’re hoping that Singleton can develop into a second Carter, but with Springer’s athleticism, he could be much, much more.

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If we extrapolate George Springer’s stats from last season over a full season, he would stick with the same batting average and on-base percentage, but his power numbers would be quite impressive: 42 homers, 106 rbi with 10 steals thrown in for good measure. That’s if he plays in 162 games, and puts up the kind of numbers he did last season.

Realistically, a healthy season for Springer would have him in roughly 150 games, so those numbers would go down a touch. A solid second season for Springer would be 35 homers and 100 rbi. The kicker for the Astros’ right fielder may be seeing how his batting average holds up in year number two. If we’re talking about those power numbers with an average of .230 or so, we have another Carter on our hands, and possibly a third carbon Carter in Singleton.

While the long balls are nice, base hits help the team too; just ask Jose Altuve. Many of us are expecting a big year from Springer in 2015, but I’d like to see his average in the .270 range with an OBP around .350 to go along with the power he’s displayed. If he can do that, then we could have the makings of a superstar on our hands.

I’ll close with what I think (ok, what I’m hoping) we’ll see from George Springer in 2015. I’m going to say 38 home runs, 92 driven in and a .265 batting average. I think we’d all take that. What do you think he’ll provide for Houston next season?

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