Who is the Face of the Houston Astros?


For the past few seasons, MLB Network has held a competition to determine who is the Face of MLB. For years, the fans have voted Jose Altuve as the representative of the Houston Astros, and rightfully so. Altuve has been the one bright spot for the Astros the past few seasons, which have admittedly been rough. As we approach 2015 however, the team appears to be turning a corner. Could it be time to try a new “face” in this silly competition? Here are a couple of options.

George Springer was called up in 2014, and in just 78 games he produced 20 home runs and 51 rbi in roughly half of a season. Assuming he stays healthy in 2015, we could be looking at a 40 home run, 100 rbi season from the 25-year old outfielder. With a healthy Springer in the mix, the Astros offense could surprise some people next season.

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Another option is Dallas Keuchel. 2014 was the lefties’ best season in the bigs by far, going 12-9 with a 2.93 ERA, pitching 200 innings and compiling five complete games. Keuchel has the potential to be the ace of the staff moving forward.

I guess the question is this: do we vote for the more established star in Altuve, or do we vote for a potential star in the making? As Astros fans, we have been waiting for the future to come for years. Now that time is finally arriving, so do we switch from our typical representative to try something new, or do we stick with what got us here?

In my view, these are the three options for us to vote for when our time comes around in a couple of weeks. Don’t know how the Face of MLB competition works? Here is a brief summary: it’s a Twitter-based contest, with all of the votes being cast on the social media site. Each account gets 25 votes per round. To vote, all you have to tweet is (for example) #GeorgeSpringer #FaceOfAstros. That’s as simple as it gets.

There is also the more in-depth route that you can take while participating. You can use humor or images to try and get people to retweet you, which also count as votes. When it’s time to vote for your player, the voting period lasts for a 24-hour time frame. When we know what day the voting will be on, we’ll let you know!

Do you vote for Altuve who has been the face of the Houston Astros for the past few seasons, or do you lean towards Springer or Keuchel, who represent what is to come in Houston?

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