Where do the Astros Stand?


Even though 2014 finally brought fans a hint of success, these past four years have been a trying time for  us fans, seeing beloved players such as Wandy Rodriguez and Hunter Pence traded away for prospects. This rebuild led to three consecutive years of 100+ loss seasons with this year being the one that broke the cycle. However It seems like the Astros have finally turned the corner and are ready to start unloading some of the talent that they have been stockpiling, to get some experienced major league players in return.

Brian McTaggart in his tweet quoted Jeff Luhnow talking about his decision to add Michael Feliz to the 40-man roster as time drew closer to the deadline. Apparently Luhnow was willing to include Feliz, the Astros eighth ranked prospect in a potential trade, which could be a sign of things to come. Finally we are starting to see the end of this rebuild, a topic that Luhnow has kept relatively private about.

This idea of the Astros changing their game plan possibly shows fans that Luhnow feels that the Astros time is now and he is ready to prove that at all costs. For me living in the great state of Hawaii, it is easy to draw comparison between the Astros and the volcano Mauna Loa. Without diving too far off topic, Mauna Loa used to be an actively erupting volcano, like say the Astros of 2004-05, but for a while now Mauna Loa has been showing no signs of life. That is until recently, Mauna Loa has been showing more signs of life than in quite some time, and could erupt soon, just like the Astros now.

It is only a matter of time, be it this year or next year, where the Astros will make a significant move and push themselves into serious contention for a world series championship. I honestly feel the Astros have finally reached the end of this grueling and trying time, but let me know what you think in the comments below.