Alex Presley and the Astros Agree to Contract


The Houston Astros have continued to put together their roster for the 2015 season, agreeing to a one year, $1 Million contract with Alex Presley as both sides avoided arbitration on Tuesday.

During the 2014 season, Presley produced a .244/.281/.346 batting line with six home runs and five stolen bases. Spending his time last year as a fourth outfielder, Presley played over 20 games in each outfield position, although he played primarily in left, appearing there in 43 times last year.

Despite being a part time player for most of his career, Alex Presley has had one season where he was a starter. Back in 2012, Presley was the primary left fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, a season when he produced a .237/.279/.405 batting line with ten home runs and nine stolen bases. Essentially, Presley is what he is at this point.

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But what Presley is happens to be a solid fourth outfielder with a bit of power and speed. While he may not survive long in a starting role, Presley has displayed an ability to hit right handed pitching for power, with 21 of his 23 career home runs coming against righties. Interestingly, Presley has a higher career batting average against lefties, at .277 as opposed to having a .255 batting average against righties, but only two home runs.

With the Astros left field situation in a state of flux at the moment, since neither Robbie Grossman nore Jake Marisnick seized the position last year, Alex Presley could be in line for more playing time in left than would have been expected. Even though he may not set the world afire, Presley could end up as a possible fill in until the Astros are able to find a better fit, and a possible leadoff hitter, in left.

Alex Presley is not an exciting name, but he may well prove to be worth far more than that $1 Million he will receive this season. Even if he is just the Astros fourth outfielder, that is still a bargain for the club.