Astros Weekend Links


While Bo Porter may or may not have complained to Jim Crane about Jeff Luhnow, here are a few things that we know for sure. The Astros have extended their player development contracts with Lancaster and Quad Cities. The AAA club won’t be back in Oklahoma City next season, but this year’s team is making a late playoff push. That, and more, can be found in today’s links.

David Barron

"Among Comcast’s objections to the disclosure statement is that it fails to provide for full repayment of a $100 million secured loan that Comcast advanced the network for startup costs in 2012. Attorneys also claim the voting process under which creditors will be asked to vote for or against the reorganization plan is “gerrymandered” to penalize Comcast."

Eric Smith

"JetHawks vice president Brad Seymour said both sides hardly hesitated when they agreed to the extension last weekend.“Houston was just like us … they are very satisfied with everything,” Seymour said. “It was just a matter of coming together and talking about it”"

Business Week

"One of the first things you notice when visiting the Astros’ front office is how much it resembles a consulting firm—full of bright, eager, impressively credentialed Ivy Leaguers, confidently at ease. The tension between old ways and new that divided the Cardinals is not evident. Luhnow has surrounded himself with a flock of adherents, including engineers, consultants, data scientists, and a physicist—people who, like Luhnow, wouldn’t have had a place in baseball until recently."


"Selig replied, “We’re working on that right now. There are a lot of things in movement there so it would be inappropriate for me to comment, but I would say we are working towards a hopeful solution.”"

"After RedHawks pitcher Nick Tropeano struck out Kris Bryant to start the bottom of the fourth, it began raining at Principal Park, prompting the delay. Tropeano would not return to the game once play resumed, and his night was finished after 3.1 scoreless innings."