Astros Weekend Links


Happy Father’s Day weekend to all of the Dads out there. Here’s what’s going on with our favorite baseball team.

Eric Smith

"“I felt like my command was a little off in the second inning,” said Appel, who added that his thumb felt fine. “I think the home run was up and the double was up a little bit.”"

What the Heck, Bobby?

"Of Hernandez, Linares told me, “Teo has the highest ceiling of all the guys we’ve got here not named Correa.” He also acknowledged that all the tools in the world are no guarantee of success, but the tools are definitely there, “He’s strong. He runs well. He plays good defense. He’s got a great arm. He doesn’t have a good arm. He’s got a great arm.”"

My Fox Houston

"“He has so much knowledge to give in this game of baseball and very rarely do a father and son ever get to work together,” Reid Ryan said."

CSN Houston

"“This game is really fast up here,” he added. “Guys are a lot better. The hitters are a lot better. It’s a lot harder game up here. So you go down, slow yourself down, and you realize that you do belong up here and you just try to come back and continue that streak.”"