Astros Weekend Links


Included in today’s links are a critique of the Astros broadcast on CSN Houston, a blog entry by Collin McHugh, and more. Enjoy.

Sporting News

"Brown goes seamlessly back into play-by-play as Coco Crisp dunks a single into short right field to make it a 3-1 game. Ashby ties it back to FIP, noting that the statistic will not blame Oberholtzer for how this inning has unfolded. He is correct."

A day older, a day wiser

"I’ve been around long enough by now to understand why these things continue to happen, but as I sat and watched a group of young energetic ball players fight and scrap for nine innings in front of no fans on one of the last days of camp, I saw something that resonated. The rookie field 5 players took their back field game just as seriously as the big leaguers took their big league game."

Ultimate Astros

"“I’m really not in a position to comment,” Luhnow said. “I wasn’t there in Oakland. Obviously I saw what happened last night. I got to believe Clemens at what he said. So I really don’t have a role in it right now. I don’t see the organization having a role in it.”"

Hardball Talk

"Crain has developed bursitis in his right shoulder. Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursae sacs of synovial fluid. They sit where muscle and tendons slide across the bone, allowing for movement without friction. As a result of the latest developments, GM Jeff Luhnow scrapped Crain’s most recent timetable of early May, and did not offer an updated timetable."