Phase 1 went well


Prior to Wednesday’s game against the Mets, Jeff Luhnow fielded some questions via the team’s Twitter account. It didn’t take long for the G.M. to give us a beauty of a sound bite. Or, in this case, would it be a megabyte? Or maybe a gigabyte? Anyway, Luhnow said something… and I thought it was pretty big.

“phase 1 went well”

To repeat, phase 1 went well.

The first question sent to #AskLuhnow came from Michael Burch.

Luhnow’s response:

Phase 1 went well. Say it with me. Phase 1 went well.

We’ve already heard the “building a sustainable winner” angle, but we now have official confirmation that phase one of the Astros monumental rebuild has been completed. And, according to Jeff Luhnow, it was a success. It went well!

There’s something to get excited about.

Welcome to phase two. I’ve got a feeling the early stages are gonna look and feel a lot like phase one. Lots of losing — and most of us still won’t be able to see it on TV. But don’t be confused. We’re in phase two.

How many phases are there? Who knows? Remember, “it’s ever evolving”.

Welcome to phase two!