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Honoring Berkman Might be Difficult


Lance Berkman (Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports)

A few months ago, it was easy. Craig Biggio would be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year and the Astros’ promotion department would have an easy job. Just honor Biggio throughout the 2014 season and everyone will be happy. Instead, the BBWAA had other ideas and Biggio is left to wait until 2015 for his much deserved honor.

However, with the news of Lance Berkman‘s retirement a few weeks ago, the promotions calender received an injection of excitement. Based on the way things figure to shake out on the field this year, it could one of the lone highlights for fans at Minute Maid Park. It is also nice to take a look back at when the the fortunes for the Astros were different and more favorable.

We know that Berkman will be honored for the Astros in celebration of his 12 year career, but the exact manner in which that will take place is still to be determined. Apparently the almost automatic gesture of a one-day contract for Berkman to retire as an Astro is more complicated than it should be.

"A league source said that if a one-day contract is to be given out, minor league deals are recommended because they pose less issues.But there are still potential complications even with a one-day minor league contract, adding up to a headache that might not be worth the effort, considering a ceremonial one-day contract could probably achieve the same effect — a celebration of Berkman’s 12 seasons in an Astros uniform."