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Bored with tape delayed coverage of the Winter Olympics? No sweat. We’ve got you covered. Here’s the latest Astros news from around the web.


"So when he does get the call, it’ll be interesting to monitor how he adjusts, and how pitchers adjust back. If Springer makes less contact, he’ll be hard-pressed to be a major contributor. If he makes the same contact, that’ll come with plenty of other skills. If he increases his contact, the sky’s the limit."

The Baseball Historian

"Well you know, teams talk to you in the fall and you see what teams are interested and which teams aren’t. I was actually at practice when I got selected. It was a pretty cool experience. It was obviously an exciting way to get drafted."

CBS Local

"Astros attorney Paul Basta believes the Astros have the right to terminate their rights agreement even in bankruptcy due to the language in the contract that refers to allowing the Astros to terminate for non payment, saying during Tuesday’s proceedings that “it is crystal clear we can terminate in bankruptcy.”"

Ultimate Astros

"“I think it’s great,” Astros GM Jeff Luhnow said. “My days with the Cardinals, Tony La Russa always had famous coaches — Bill Parcells was actually one of them… those people learn from each other, inspire each other.”"