It’s a good week to be an Astros fan


The last three years have been tough for Astros fans. We’ve seen a lot of our favorite players sent packing. We’ve endured the three worst seasons in franchise history. We’ve been forced from the National League into the DH League, and most of us can’t even watch the games on TV. Can things get any worse? I hope not.

The TV issue may not get solved as soon as we would like but things are looking up in some other areas. Jeff Luhnow and company have stockpiled the farm system with a ton of talented prospects. Some exciting players have already arrived in Houston and others should be here soon.

The albatross known as the community leaders signage is slated to be removed from its current location and redistributed in a more esthetically pleasing manner.

Reid Ryan has brought a fan friendly atmosphere that was missing under former prexy George Postolos.

Starting tomorrow, the Astros take to the road to try to mend more fences. The Astros Caravan has been expanded to include more towns and cities that have been affected by the debacle of the floundering Regional Sports Network. Astros players, coaches, broadcasters, and front office personnel will spend the next week interacting with the fans that have stuck with them through these lean times.

The Astros annual FanFest event takes place on Saturday at Minute Maid Park. Vouchers for free admission can be obtained online at There will be plenty of activities for fans of all ages. Hopefully we will see you there.

Minute Maid Park (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)