Tired of waiting for the Astros to rebuild? Get “Out of the Park Baseball” and run the organization yourself


The last three years have been tough for Astros fans and some are growing impatient. If you’re one of those fans who was dead set on signing Chin-Soo Choo and jump-starting this rebuild (and you also like computer games) then it’s not too late. We may have found a solution for you.

With Out Of The Park Baseball you can control every aspect of the organization from the comfort of your own PC. Want to sign Jason Castro to an extension? Trade a few prospects for David Price? Go ahead. You can do that… and much, much more! Minor Leagues. The Draft. Even international prospects are part of the baseball management simulation game that continues to get rave reviews throughout the baseball community.

As a veteran player of both PC based and video console sports games, I was amazed to see the amount of detail included in OOTPB. The information on minor league players and the historical statistical data is enough to keep gamers glued to the screen for hours on end. The customizable game play options make for a seemingly endless number of possibilities. If you can think it, you can do it with OOTPB.

screen shot courtesy of Dave Gonzalez

OOTPB14 comes with the complete 2013 rosters for all 30 big league clubs in addition to thousands of players from all of the minor leagues and hundreds of individuals from the 2013 draft class. Player ratings are based on Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA system, widely recognized as one of the most accurate player projection models around.

The latest version also includes a new fielding ratings system, new and improved player scouting system, better player development updates, and a more user friendly interface than previous award winning versions.

You can get your own copy of OOTPB14 at Steam. Order before Jan 2, 2014 to get a 25% discount on this outstanding product. Don’t miss out on this special offer. Order today and start building the Astros the way YOU want to.

image courtesy of ootpdevelopments