Astros Turkey Day Links


Happy Thanksgiving Hill Climbers. Here are some Astros themed stories for your holiday enjoyment.

Let’s get things started with Jayne from What the Heck, Bobby? She asked a large group of bloggers and fans to tell everyone what they had to be thankful for as Astros fans. She also got a nice quote from Jeff Luhnow.

What the Heck, Bobby?

"We’re all aligned on the same goal. We don’t always have the same ideas about exactly the strategy and the tactics to get there, but we are aligned and I appreciate our fans for understanding it."

Ultimate Astros

"News conferences have been held this month to announce the arrival of the Civil Rights game and another lawsuit, not a big-name player. Those aren’t exactly the grabbing headlines the Astros need ahead of a season in which they need to win more and remind fans they’re worthwhile."

USA Today

"The longtime Houston Astros had no connection to performance-enhancing drugs in their career; Bagwell’s was ended at age 37 by a shoulder injury, leaving him with 449 career home runs and a sublime .948 on-base plus slugging percentage."


"That would have made Houston Rockets games available throughout the city, as the NBA season got underway. All of the operators declined the offer, which is a bit curious because the operators might gain a better understanding of network demand if it were offered to subscribers."