Jim Crane is suing everyone


This morning I linked to a Hoston Chronicle article that discussed Jim Crane’s latest lawsuit, against Drayton McLane, and some other news surrounding the CSN Houston debacle. Here’s the latest.

Comcast/NBC Universal, also listed as a defendant,  released the following statement today in response to Crane’s accusations.

"Comcast/NBCUniversal vehemently rejects any claim of wrongdoing asserted by the Astros. This litigation outside the bankruptcy proceedings is a desperate act, committed during a period in which Mr. Crane and his team of sophisticated advisors have been granted by the Bankruptcy Court an opportunity to explore and effectuate solutions to the Network’s serious business problems.  Instead, it appears that Mr. Crane is suffering from an extreme case of buyer’s remorse, and aiming to blame the Network’s challenges on anything but his own actions.  Comcast/NBCUniversal looks forward to vindicating itself in this litigation and also remains committed to a reorganization of the Network in Bankruptcy Court."

What a mess! Crane, who is pulling no punches, explained that this move was an effort to cover all of his bases as the statute of limitations for such a filing was about to expire.

With a tip of the cap to Astros County, here is a link to the petition filed in U.S. Bankruptcy court by Crane. Click on the page below to view the entire article.