Astros morning links


Lots happening this week, including some courtroom drama and more news surrounding the CSN Houston bankruptcy case. Crane sues McLane! …and more.

"The suit accuses McLane, who sold the Astros to Crane in 2011, of selling “an asset they knew at the time to be overpriced and broken,” referring to McLane’s interest in CSN Houston."

Houston Press

"The Astros haven’t been happy with that contract and instead of operating in good faith, have apparently done everything possible to torpedo it so that Crane, suckered by McLane, can get a new deal with a new broadcast partner and get a much-needed cash infusion that will allow him to make up for some of the massive debt he incurred in purchasing the franchise."

Ultimate Rockets

"“I said we were happy to hear of his interest, and what about a bid?” Crane said. “He said ‘$2 billion.’ If he wants to bid, we’d love to hear it. The ball’s in his court.”"

And now for something completely different.

The Crawfish Boxes

"If, after two years of service time, Springer is one of the top 22% of players called up this year, arbitration will begin one year earlier, making him more costly. This possibility can be reduced or avoided based on the date he is called up."

MLB Prospect Watch

"Amador has dominated the Mexican League for the last five years, but scouts are split on how that production will translate to the major leagues.  Outside of the AFL, Amador has just 43 plate appearances stateside."

Baseball America

"When Perez originally signed with the Blue Jays out of Venezuela at age 17, Marco Paddy was Toronto’s top scout in Latin America. Paddy now runs the White Sox’s international operations as a special assistant to the general manager, and with Tyler Flowers and Josh Phegley, the organization could look for additional depth. The White Sox have the third pick in the Rule 5 draft (and the Astros are at No. 1), so Perez could go off the board early."