Astros Weekend Links


The end of another work week is finally here. If you’re stuck at work for a couple more hours maybe we can help make that time pass a little quicker. Enjoy the weekend links.

The Crawfish Boxes

"Barnes led the team with 4.8 UZR in 913 innings. I bring this up because Dominguez had -2.4 UZR and Barnes had 7 DRS. So overall, from an advanced statistics stand point Barnes had the better defensive year, but played less innings."

NBC Sports Hardball Talk

"In addition to a new complex for the Marlins and Cardinals, there is the possibility of a $100 million dual complex in Palm Beach Gardens for the Blue Jays and Astros."

"After a fantastic season — and I don’t mean that just in terms of baseball — I’m leaving and The Republican for the Houston Chronicle. Today is my last day."

Baseball America

"Each of these players, plus 544 others, are no longer bound to their organization by contract renewals—the Uniform Player Contract grants six renewal years—and have no successor contract in place for 2014."

"“He’s worked hard at it, and it’s starting to pay off,” Borkowski said. “The velocity is coming up. He’s able to pound the zone a little bit better, and his stuff is a little bit more crisp.”"