Astros strikeout in attempt to promote Ladies Night on Twitter


It has been a rough year for the Astros on the field, but it has been even rougher for the team’s public relations department. The latest attempt to market a special event through the use of social media has brought even more embarrassment to the team.

The Astros have scheduled a Ladies Night for Friday’s game against the Yankees. That seems like a good enough idea. The event includes some pretty nice perks that many fans, male or female, would surely be happy to enjoy. Unfortunately, and once again, the Astros seem to have made a poor choice in their efforts to market the event.

At first glance the tweet sent out by the Astros appears harmless enough. But several readers took offense and started to fire back. It didn’t take long for Texas to pile on either.

Poor Astros P.R. Department! The season can’t end soon enough for a group that has had to work damage control for the last eight months or so. Promoting a player who had been deceased for years as a participant at an Astros event this spring was just the beginning. We can only hope that the Astros have some talented interns in the P.R. pipeline — and that they will be brought up to full-time employee status sometime soon.

More fireworks at Minute Maid Park (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)