Astros Weekend Links


The Astros offense has gone into a tailspin and the team has now lost four straight. That’s 90 losses for the year and there’s still a month left in the season. Depressed yet? Well, maybe these links will help to cheer you up.

Along with football season, the minor league playoffs are also getting started. This year the Astros will be well represented.

What The Heck Bobby

"Oklahoma City was the fourth Astros minor league affiliate to make the playoffs and will host the American Northern Division winner at home on Wednesday."

CSN Houston

"Biggio, who is a special assistant to general manager Jeff Luhnow, was just being one of the guys, talking about what ballplayers talk about in a clubhouse."

Baseball America

"While next year’s draft class is a definite improvement over those of the last two years, I came up with nine guys I thought clearly belonged but agonized over the final spot."


"The Astros aren’t the first team to undertake a rebuilding process, although no team  – not even the Marlins — has stripped its major-league payroll to $13 million in the past 15 years. Still, it’s interesting to look at teams that have dropped payroll significantly and see how long it took them to return to prior spending levels."