Jim Crane running point on CSN Houston negotiations


Astros majority owner Jim Crane is focusing his energy on finalizing a deal between CSN Houston and the major TV providers. A little over a month ago Crane said the deal could be worked out in the next 30 days. Well, 30 days have come and gone and most Astros fans in the region are still unable to watch their team’s games on television.

In a recent interview with The Houston Chronicle, Crane said of the ongoing negotiations:

"I feel bad that the fans haven’t watched a game, but we can’t cut a long-term bad deal. That’s really all I’m working on right now to get that resolved. I’m on the point in that. The buck stops with me on that deal. But we’ll get it resolved."

During the interview Crane was singing the praises of Bo Porter, Jeff Luhnow, and Reid Ryan. He is pleased with the way all three men are going about their jobs and doesn’t intend on micro-managing. This leaves Crane free to work on what has to be one of the biggest issues to Astros fans — the TV deal.

The Rockets’ recent addition of high profile Free Agent Dwight Howard makes CSN Houston’s overall product more desirable for the TV carriers — but not immediately. Chances are that a deal will be struck before the basketball season starts, but that may not be soon enough for disgruntled Astros fans.

Evidently negotiations have been going on, but there has been no news to speak of in recent weeks. When Crane spoke on the subject last month, he said a deal would be done “certainly by the end of the season”. Let’s hope that Crane lives up to his word on this one.