Astros weekend links


After a long rain delay on Friday, the Astros fell to the Cubs by a score of 3-1. The two teams are hoping for clear skies for today’s game which can be seen on WGN starting at 3:00. Even if you are one of the few that get CSN Houston, I urge you to boycott them for a day and enjoy Jim Deshaies covering an Astros game. It will be just like old times. Until then, check out these links from around the web.

"That’s what makes you stick with him. Because we see the power potential and we understand that when it clicks and it all comes together we have something that is really special."

Ultimate Astros

"It was fun. I enjoyed it. Especially to start the season there on 20 scoreless innings and having 13 innings before that last year. When I was pitching on that streak, it was a lot of fun."

What the Heck, Bobby?

"I never assume someone is going to make that jump successfully out of the gate. Ultimately he will, but he’s got to demonstrate to us he can handle that environment and pitching before we move him up here."

The Oklahoman

"If anything, Norris’ efforts to tune out distractions and focus only on what he can control shows signs of immense maturity. Solomon credited Appel with tons of maturity based on one news conference, and claimed Bud was immature based on comments from teammates five years ago."

The Crawfish Boxes

"Bell stayed with the Astros for five seasons. He recorded more than 100 RBIs twice for Houston, hit over .300 twice and hit double digit home runs four of his five seasons."

Greatest 21 days

Chris Carter (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)