Blasting Off: Getting The Pitching In Check


In the fourteenth edition of Blasting Off, Andy Pondillo and Ray Kuhn discuss the progress of Jordan Lyles and Bud Norris.

Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

While the Astros are not winning a lot of games, their starting pitching has shown improvement. The crew discusses if this is just a mirage or a sign of things to come. Also is Jason Castro finally starting to turn a corner after he won AL Player Of The Week?

Some of the other highlights include:

-The Astros power bats, what is their future in a few years?

-A rundown of the week to come, will the Astros find success on the road?

Dusty Baker made some pretty crazy statements about the MLB compared to the NHL.

Listen to all of this and more on the player below, fellow Hill Climbers! Stay tuned for our new episode next week, and feel free to tweet us questions or comments at @astrosCTH.