Astros Morning Links


Thursday is an off day for the Astros. That gives you an opportunity to catch up on your reading. Here are a few interesting articles about the team.

"I would probably consider just about anything,” Dierker said. “I would just be more curious as to what they have to say. It got my attention."

Ultimate Astros

"By tearing apart their roster last summer, the Astros guaranteed themselves the no. 1 pick again next month, and once again will have a significant spending advantage on every other team. Only this year, the advantage spreads to signing amateur talent on the international market as well."


Lucas Harrell has been openly critical of the Astros defensive alignment behind him. (Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports)

"Harrell also was irked about Andy Dirks’ go-ahead ground-rule double over the out-of-town scoreboard in right-center and said he thought some hits he gave up should have been caught."

Detroit Free Press

"Altuve was partly raised in Venezuela by his grandmother. The family was close and tight. A phone call from Altuve’s father late Monday delivered the news, and a player who spent Monday’s postgame interview saying he wanted to play through a partially dislocated jaw was briefly knocked down by life"

Ultimate Astros

"To Mr. Crane, one needs to treat the ownership of sports clubs differently than other businesses. If you don’t think that applying business methods that work in other industry fails when it comes to sports ownership, take some time and sit down with Kansas City Royals owner David Glass."

Biz of Baseball