Astros Weekend Links


Today’s links include an apology from Bo Porter, an update on Roy Oswalt, a look at some rising stars in the Astros minor league system, and more. Enjoy.

"I had a chance to speak to [Culbreth] last night after the fact, and he called over and I stand corrected of my thought process and interpretation of what it is I believed the rule to be. I want to give them my apology, and I wish the whole thing never happened."

"Despite only 35 IP on the season, Humber has faced the 18th most lefties in the American League. Its almost as if other teams are aware of these splits, and are stacking the deck against him."

Astros County

"It’s not so much the success that has his stock up this spring. It’s his stuff and command. For the last two springs, Folty has come into the spring and shown significantly improved stuff. Last year he came out hitting 95-97 as his top velocity. This year he’s hit 100 on occasion."

The Crawfish Boxes

"He did fantastic in Philadelphia. Texas is a blip. It didn’t work out last year. He’d like to pitch in the future for a bit, and he’s not going to be skipping spring training in the future."

CBS Sports

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