Astros Weekend Links


Today’s offering includes a look at how the Astros are staying positive after a couple of tough losses. Also, a special link to an interesting piece by Bob Hulsey at Astros Daily.

"But at the same way we’ve had misfortune, the tide’s going to change and a lot of these plays are going to start to go our way and we’re going to hit our stretch of winning these types of ballgames."

Ultimate Astros

The next article expresses one man’s opinion of how the Astros could pay homage to their National League heritage and perhaps win back some fans in the process.

Bob Hulsey is an Astros historian who also provides Astros fans links to news about the team from all over the web at his site, Astros Daily.

Jose Altuve (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

"Currently, a Houston fan who wants to watch in person baseball by National League rules has to fly to Atlanta or St. Louis or Phoenix to do so. The Astros should make it that, for one series at least, the National League fans can stay right in Houston. Think that might get a few bitter ex-supporters who hate the league switch to come out to the ballpark? It could be seen as a goodwill gesture from Crane to the disenfranchised."