2013 MLB Power Rankings


With the season right around the corner we’ve been busy previewing teams and sizing up the competition. If you listened to our latest podcast you heard Andy and Ray give their playoff predictions and talk about some of the league’s potential bottom-feeders. Now it’s time to unveil the CTH Power Rankings. Each member of our staff ranked all 30 teams from best to worst and here are the results.

1. Washington Nationals — No limits!

2. Detroit Tigers — With their lineup and rotation they may not need a closer.

3. Los Angeles Angels — Mike Trout + Albert Pujols + Josh Hamilton = SCARY!

4. Cincinnati Reds — Dusty Baker can win in the regular season… but what about the playoffs?

5. San Francisco Giants — Reigning champs kept most of their roster intact.

6. Toronto Blue Jays — Busy offseason makes Jays serious contenders.

7. Atlanta Braves — Uptons add depth, but the story is pitching. This is the Braves best chance in a while.

8. Tampa Bay Rays — Joe Maddon always seems to find a way.

9. Los Angeles Dodgers — In the hunt all season, but superstars will have too much trouble playing together.

10. St. Louis Cardinals — Can they overcome all of the injuries?

11. Texas Rangers — A far cry from the past few seasons but maybe enough to compete.

12. Milwaukee Brewers — Could be the biggest surprise in the N.L.

13. Philadelphia Phillies — They’re old, beat up, and kind of good.

14. Oakland Athletics — Expect some growing pains.

15. Cleveland Indians — Terry Francona should make a big difference.

16. Kansas City Royals — I’ve got to see it to believe it.

17. New York Yankees. Three more Yankees went on the D.L. while you were reading this.

18. Pittsburgh Pirates — Pirates will finish above .500 for the first time since 1992.

19. Chicago White Sox — Mediocre, but still the best team in Chicago

20. Arizona Diamondbacks — It will be a challenge to keep up with the Giants and Dodgers, but never count Kirk Gibson out.

21. Baltimore Orioles — Won 93 games last year with a +5 run differential. Will finish ’13 around .500 where they belong.

22. Boston Red Sox — Proving A.L. East isn’t what it used to be.

23. Seattle Mariners — Moving in the fences won’t solve their offensive woes.

24. New York Mets — At least we have the All-Star game.

25. San Diego Padres — Improving slowly but surely.

26. Colorado Rockies — Same team, different year.

27. Chicago Cubs — Continuing their losing tradition.

28. Houston Astros — Welcome to the A.L. West.

29. Minnesota Twins — They’re a hot mess.

30. Miami Marlins — Last year they were fun to laugh at. Now they’re just sad.

There you have it. Let us know what you think. And thanks to John and Andy for helping out with the one-liners.

Bryce Harper (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)