Nolan Ryan Rumors swirl after Rangers promote Daniels & George


Our new division rivals to the north are dominating the news after announcing a couple of front office promotions. Friday the Rangers announced that G.M. Jon Daniels had added the title President of Baseball Operations to his office door and C.O.O. Rick George had been promoted to President of Business Operations. The question that everyone is now asking is: what does this mean for Nolan Ryan?

The promotions of Daniels and George have set off a frenzy of articles. Take your pick or read them all for some laughs.

Nolan Ryan (Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports)

One suggests that Ryan is on his way out of Arlington.

One says the Rangers want Ryan to stay but he may leave out of spite.

One suggests the Astros should hire Ryan, while another says the club is too proud or stubborn to do so.

Rangers fans hold Ryan in high regard and give him much of the credit for turning their franchise around, and deservedly so. Astros fans have varying opinions of the all-time strikeout king. Ryan has had an up-and-down relationship with the Astros over the years. Lately, it’s been mostly down.

Ryan has become our enemy in the truest sense of the word. Everything he has done over the past several years has been aimed at hurting our franchise and helping his. That’s not necessarily a knock on Ryan, he is just doing his job. If that job should cease to exist in the near future, which I am not convinced it will, I wouldn’t expect the Astros to be calling Mr. Ryan. I just don’t see where he would fit in.