Astros fans enjoy Thursday night Twitter party


Even though the team is expected to finish in last place in their inaugural season in the American League, Astros fans can’t wait to get the season started. Last night a number of Twitter users passed the time by making up humorous movie titles involving the names of Astros players. Participation grew rapidly and before you could say The Bourne Identity the AstrosMovies hashtag was trending nationally.

No player was safe. Titles ranged from Colt 45s players (The Full Aspromonte) to current minor league prospects (Blame it on Rio Ruiz). Alyson Footer covered the phenomenon in an article at’s Cut 4 this morning. Since that time the hashtag has continued to trend. None of my entries were included in Footer’s article but I did get a number of favorites and retweets for the likes of The Humber Games, Dotel Rwanda, Coming To American League, and Schafer & Singleton go to White Castle.

I came up with a couple more today including Real T.J. Steele and another that is more of a question for the ladies. Scary Altuve or Date Altuve?

Click on the page below to see Alyson’s article and enjoy!