Announcing FanSided Daily


Get the scoop on all of your favorite sports teams in one daily e-mail. FanSided Daily is fully customizable and delivers everything you need in one daily e-mail message. Unlike other networks who inundate your inbox with a separate newsletter for each of the teams you follow, FanSided wraps it all up in one nice, tidy package.

FanSided Daily allows you to receive updates on your favorite teams in all of the major pro sports, even if they are all from different cities. You can get your Astros, Cowboys, Lakers, Bruins, and Razorbacks news delivered in one package every morning if those are the teams you love. Or you can select the Houston option and get Astros, Rockets, Texans, and Cougars coverage.

Customizable options include sites dedicated to covering NASCAR, MMA, Soccer, and Fantasy Sports just to mention a few. Fansided also has nearly 50 sites that cover specific NCAA sports programs.

So sign up here today and never miss another story.