Astros and Rangers to play exclusive Opening Night Game on ESPN


The historical nature of the Astros first game as an American League franchise just got an added boost. It was announced today that on Sunday, March 31 the Astros and Rangers will have Opening Day all to themselves. The newly manufactured A.L. West rivalry will kickoff the MLB season at 7:00 CT with a game that will be broadcast nationally by ESPN. The game will also be available via ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, ESPN3 and ESPN Mobile TV.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It’s nice that he Astros get to open the season a day ahead of the rest of the league. It’s even better that they don’t have to travel to Japan or some third-world country to do it. Perhaps MLB is trying to make amends for railroading the Astros into the American League. If so, it’s a nice enough start, but getting to watch one game on TV won’t exactly even the score. So keep the perks coming.

While you’re at it MLB, go ahead and give Comcast SportsNet Houston a few million dollars so they don’t have to charge cable and satellite providers to carry their network. I figure you still owe us (the fans) at least that much.

If you’re still in a giving mood, MLB, make sure any member of the BBWAA who doesn’t vote for both Bagwell and Biggio this year has their membership card revoked. That ought to make us even.

Unfortunately, I’m sure those last two requests, although completely reasonable, will fall on deaf ears. So enjoy the game, Astros fans. ESPN and MLB Network don’t make a habit of showing last place teams, so it could be the only game many Houstonians will get to see on TV all season.