Astroline returns tonight at 7:00


Astroline, the call-in radio show dedicated to the Astros returns to KBME 790 tonight. Milo Hamilton will be hosting and Jeff Luhnow is scheduled to be the first guest. So get your questions ready and fire away. You can submit a question to the Astros Twitter account or on the Astros Facebook page prior to the show.

Milo Hamilton (Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE)

Fans can also call the show directly at (713) 212-5790. Luhnow will surely be fielding plenty of questions about the failed Wilton Lopez trade. Multiple reports are confirming that the deal that would have sent Lopez to Philadelphia is now dead. The Phillies apparently didn’t like what doctors saw when examining the right elbow of the Astros reliever.

Look for Luhnow to downplay the health issues as he continues to look for a trade partner. I have a feeling Luhnow will continue to shop Lopez until he finds a taker. Unfortunately, Wilton may not be able to bring as much in return now that one team has already deemed him damaged goods.

If you’re going to call Astroline tonight, don’t embarrass yourself. Here’s some advice Jim Rome used to preach: Have a take… and don’t suck!

To properly prepare, I suggest reading up on Luhnow’s recent interview with

Future editions of Astroline will run every Thursday at 7:00 during the offseason.