Comcast says no to Greg Lucas


Greg Lucas will not be a part of the Astros TV broadcasts in 2013. The long-time Fox Sports Houston employee and Astros TV reporter announced via twitter that he will not be joining the Astros new carrier, Comcast SprtsNet Houston. Lucas went on to say that he has applied for the recently vacated Astros radio announcer’s job.

Lucas was with Home Sports Entertainment from the beginning, and has been covering the Astros for the better part of 30 years. In addition, Lucas has also spent time covering college sports for Fox Sports’ Regional Network. When his FSH contract expired at the end of the season Lucas was looking to land  a position with Comcast. That didn’t materialize, partly because CSNH will not employ a field reporter for Astros games.

Even if he doesn’t land the radio gig, I would suspect we haven’t heard the last of Greg Lucas. He should be able to pick up some freelance work with both networks.

Good luck, Greg. We hope to see (and hear) you next season.

In a somewhat related note, Bill Brown will be appearing Thursday on KSIS radio in his hometown of Sedalia, Missouri. Brown, the TV voice of the Astros for the last 25 years, is also rumored to be on his way out.