Bo Porter answers questions for Houston media


On Thursday the Astros named Bo Porter as the 17th manager in franchise history. Although he is still busy working as a third base coach for the playoff-bound Washington Nationals, Porter still took time to answer a few questions for members of the Houston media. The questions were pretty much what you would expect but Porter’s answers help us get to know the type of person he is and what kind of manager he night be.

Porter talked about the challenges ahead. There will obviously be many as he gets to know a new team and a new league. He praises the efforts of Jeff Luhnow and Jim Crane and their mission to build the team from within, stating that the Nationals had been successful using that same philosophy.

Porter also notes that his wife, Stacie, is from Houston and they are excited to be coming home. Personally, I think it is a big plus to have a manager who feels a connection with the city.

Bo also has a reputation as an intense competitor. He’s not afraid to stand up for his players, as was illustrated by his run in with the Cubs bench back on September 6 in Washington.

Porter was also asked about his football mentality and his experience at the university of Iowa, where he played for legendary football coach Hayden Frye. Click here for a transcript of the entire Q & A session provided by Brian McTaggart at Tag’s Lines.

Bo Porter goes after the Chicago Cubs bench. (Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE)

Porter will officially take the reigns when the Nationals’ season ends. I’m going to go ahead and start rooting for the Nats to win it all. It would be nice to bring another champion aboard. (i.e. Jeff Luhnow)