Will tonight’s game be worth watching?


When it comes to the Astros I am what you might call a patient fan. But last night my patience ran out… in the about the sixth inning. I sat through all three games against the Cubs, as painful as each one was, but I just couldn’t subject myself to the final three innings of last night’s massacre.

The Pirates hitters used the first time through the lineup against Jordan Lyles as sort of a “feeling out” process. Then they proceeded to tee off against the youngster and the ensuing parade of AAAA pitchers sent to the mound by Brad Mills. The Astros offense was once again “out to lunch” managing only five hits in the game. Houston has now dropped five in a row and seven straight on the road. Clearly the Astros have the N.L. Central basement lined up in the crosshairs.

So, if you’re tired of the losing and are looking for some alternative TV viewing this evening, here’s a few  of the more interesting-looking choices that are available.

ABC has a special offering of “Wipeout” featuring Hotties vs. Nerds. That sounds extremely entertaining! What more can you ask for than large-breasted women in soaking wet T-shirts and people getting bounced around an obstacle course like human pinballs?

If you’re into junk, A & E has a marathon of “Storage Wars.” I wonder how often someone watching at home says “hey, that’s my stuff!”

The Discovery Channel has three hours of “The Deadliest Catch” running opposite the Astros game. I’ve never actually seen this show, but I have to imagine watching other people fishing would have to be more entertaining than another Astros loss.

ESPN has a live broadcast of “The World Series of Poker.”That sounds like a real snoozer- I mean, I’d have to be really bored to watch it. Exactly when did cards become a spectator sport, anyway?

Fox Movie Channel is running “Ten things I hate about you.” I don’t know exactly what the movie is about, but I may have found the title for my next Astros article.

NBC dishes out a couple of hours of “America’s Got Talent.” The rest of my family likes to watch that show. I don’t really care for it. I find most reality shows to be tedious and predictable, sort of like the Astros have been lately.

My fellow writers here at CTH will probably be tuning in to the Syfy channel to watch WWE Smackdown. Wrestling? I just don’t get it. I guess that means I will be stuck watching the Astros, afterall, someone has to do it.

Lucas Harrell will be on the mound against A.J. Burnett and the Pirates. Both have been pleasant surprises for their respective teams this season. Maybe this one will be watchable after all. I certainly hope so.